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Tag Archives: baking

Cake a Difference

  My youngest son Micah was born ‘undercooked’ – he arrived at 33 weeks and needed specialist care. He received amazing care at a hospital here in Switzerland, the Swiss appear to have their neo-natel services under control. However, I have learnt that the situation in the UK is not the same… Just Imagine if you […]

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Custard Creams

Yesterday’s post was all about Baking night… Cakes and Goodies for anyone? In the end I concocted 3 creations: Baked Lime and passion fruit cheesecake No egg Raspberry and Chocolate Muffins Custard Cream Biscuits The cheesecake was devoured by all at work, so no photo’s of that one – I believe it was a success […]

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Its Thursday – that means its baking night !

Each Thursday night the boys go off to play football, leaving me at home with the small one for company. The small one is typically in bed by 7.30pm and there is sod all on tv most evenings I decide to try to use my time productivity. The sensible things I could do include: Hoovering […]

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