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Some light relief

After the depressing posts of the last few days I thought I would add something nice and light. Sushi – one of my favourite foods – despite being a veggie it is surprising the number of items I can eat. The humble maki roll, so simple, so clean and so damn delicious! I have attempted to […]

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What happened to January????

I had every intention of keeping up the blogging in Jan – somehow it hasnt happened.  What kept me so busy that meant I couldnt get my butt into gear and get down to some writing..here is my going up and going Down list: Going Up: On the 1st Jan 2011 I started my PAD again […]

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Thank you to the PAD’rs

You might have noticed that I like to take photo’s – my interest in photography only really started about a year ago. I have never been the most creative of people and I thought photography being about gadgets as well as a creative art I might get more into it. 10 months down the line and […]

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