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Tag Archives: blogging

Sunday Snippets 18-24 Oct – Papa’s Boy

The small one has been sick this week – and through out the week he has been devoted to his Papa. Normally Micah refers to Lee as his Papa (the French in him) – however he has now learnt that calling him Daddy is far more effective for getting his own way. This week we […]

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Changing the theme

Like most bloggers I like to fiddle with my settings. I liked the way my old blog looked – but something was niggling at me. I decided it was time to look for a new layout, my old favourite Bueno was lovely but I craved something new. Of I went in search of something different, […]

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Sunday Morning Simple – part 1- Adding images

I have been trawling the net over the last few weeks to understand more and more about wordpress.I have found many sites that help with the more complex scenarios, however they are lacking in the simple steps. Therefore I will aim each week to introduce a simple feature for those new to wordpress. Today’s entry […]

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