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Tag Archives: internet

Mac vs PC – the old argument from a new angle

    Are you Team Mac or Team PC??? The age-old argument has reared its head again Microsoft has published a new feature on why you should use a PC.. Click me to see the Microsoft way Now, I have been involved in the IT world for a few years now – so I feel i can comment on their statements, […]

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Hitting the news – ways to quit your job

Over the last few days there have been numerous reports of people quitting their jobs in the most spectacular fashion First we had the air steward Steven Slater who walked off a plane at JFK after having had enough of the passengers Today, tales are being told of another walkout ‘Jenny’, just yesterday morning she […]

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My own domain..the start of an interesting journey

Having played with the likes of wordpress I have found that whilst wordpress.com is a nice and easy to use tool, I am a little frustrated. I would like to be able to edit my own CSS sheets – be able to change some of the themes I have downloaded – basically be more of […]

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