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Tag Archives: shaggy

9/365 – Shaggy did you chew something?

Here is Shaggy, he is a little bit of a naughty dog sometimes – he likes to chew….Our swiss mountain dog has a thing for chewing – BUT, he only chews things when I leave the house – not when anyone else does… Today after dropping the smallest at nursery I came home to find […]

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Why do dogs chew Rubber?

Honestly – its a genuine question! We have our new hound, Shaggy the Swiss Mountain Dog- he is beautiful, mad as a hatter – but beautiful. His introduction to the family was noted here:its-been-12-days, he has been living with us for almost 2 months and I think we are getting to know each other. Shaggy […]

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The family in January 2011

I started a new project in 2011, to take a weekly photo of each memeber of the family. I shall share the highlights of these each month (including a photo of myself!!) Lundi Lee: My husband, the ever willing subject (not), happy to pose at a moments notice, used to me chasing him around the […]

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