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Tag Archives: swiss mountain dog

9/365 – Shaggy did you chew something?

Here is Shaggy, he is a little bit of a naughty dog sometimes – he likes to chew….Our swiss mountain dog has a thing for chewing – BUT, he only chews things when I leave the house – not when anyone else does… Today after dropping the smallest at nursery I came home to find […]

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Why do dogs chew Rubber?

Honestly – its a genuine question! We have our new hound, Shaggy the Swiss Mountain Dog- he is beautiful, mad as a hatter – but beautiful. His introduction to the family was noted here:its-been-12-days, he has been living with us for almost 2 months and I think we are getting to know each other. Shaggy […]

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Its been 12 days

since Vox went to his new home. Life in the Bailey household has remained pretty normal. The toddler hasn’t even noticed that Vox is no longer here, for me this is a good thing as it is clear he is too young to understand. The elder enjoys the walks with the new puppy far more […]

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