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Tag Archives: Vespa

Its here!!!

Our lovely new toy has arrived – we have entered the world of the Vespa. Lee took it for a gentle stroll today, a quick 3km ride home – tomorrow it has its first real outing – off to Lausanne

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In our 30′s crisis?

We have recently been trying to recapture our youth, married, 2 children, dog and 2 cats makes for a pretty normal day-to-day life. We are only in our mid 30’s – so far from being past it we have been wondering what we can do to not feel so old! Inspiration struck me…an idea formed […]

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To Vespa or not…

We in the Bailey household are debating the ‘need’ for a Vespa. Each day Lee commutes to work (approx 20km away and is reliant on the Swiss railroad) and I take the car (need to drop Master Micah off at nursery) The Swiss train system is good, runs on time, clean, not too expensive. Unfortunatly […]

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